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I'm a hair designer by trade and love to be creative. Born in New York, I moved to Los Angeles California where I grew up. I lived in Malibu, CA for a season and am now serving the New River Valley area, from Blacksburg, Va. 


My dream job was to start this business, so I left hair designing to start my Company. I love styling and organizing spaces, an organized space makes you more efficient and productive. 


I have a gift for making schedules and systems for family activities, home offices, nurseries, children's play spaces, kitchen organization, meal planning/preperation (especially for families) and much more!


We can all use more ease in our daily duties and a little more time at the end of our day. This makes for a happier, more efficient you and a longer weekend to enjoy!

If you are overwhelmed with a cluttered space, or balancing daily chores and family time; or if you are in need of help reconfiguring your wardrobe or you want to redesign your style, give me a call. Let's chat about your area of difficulty and I will help you find solutions. 


Let's overcome overwhelmed!



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