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I will do a consultation before I begin work, or we can do one by phone, email or Skype if you like. Check out my new service (Lifelines) on the "your schedule" tab. I will give you lots of ideas and inspiration as well as some of my favorite deals that will be so worth $25 if not much more!


Once we have determined the project, I will give you an estimated completion time. I charge only $25 for 1 hour of creativity and organization. We can make-over your wardrobe, do a makeover on you, make a family schedule, organize a pantry or closet or whatever you feel is most important or your biggest area of need!


For example: You can have a redesigned wardrobe and list of little accessories to add in 2 hours for just $50! You determine the time and the project according to your budget. I can also take you to my favorite vintage shops or make lists of items for you to shop for.


I can do a meal plan, organize your fridge or pantry for family function, make a plan to organize your laundry room or any room. Let's chat soon!

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