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Schedule in a little play time!

Are you running out of time in your day? Let me help you with any scheduling dilemmas you may have. Do you need help with weekly meal planning? Are you looking for a way to manage your time with all that has to be done? I know short cuts! 


Do you need play ideas and a schedule for your little ones? I have worked with children for years and I worked for a friend who owns a prominent celebrity pre-school in Malibu, CA. I have discovered ideas for setting up play areas and arranging a play/academic schedule for children as well as organizing their supplies. I especially love to help busy moms create a plan for a calm and well-ordered home. 


I want to introduce my new service, called Lifelines! You can call me (Facetime or Skype too) and we will talk about your challenges with picky eaters, menu plans for busy families, potty training or anything that you have difficulty with in your home. I want you to feel you have someone to call if you are having a melt down moment with your stuff. My $25 hourly charge remains the same for this service. Let's chat soon!

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